Category Area Title Authors
Papers Applications: Biophysics and Genomics A Parallel Connectivity Algorithm for de Brujin Graphs in Metagenomic Applications Patrick Flick, Chirag Jain, Tony Pan, Srinivas Aluru
Papers, Best Student Paper Finalist Applications: Biophysics and Genomics Parallel Distributed Memory Construction of Suffix and Longest Common Prefix Arrays Patrick Flick, Srinivas Aluru
Papers, Best Student Paper Finalist Graph Analytics on HPC systems GraphReduce: Processing Large-Scale Graphs on Accelerator-Based Systems Dipanjan Sengupta, Shuaiwen Leon Song, Kapil Agarwal, Karsten Schwan
Papers System Software, Clouds and Distributed Computing Management of Graph Workloads Scaling Interative Graph Computations with GraphMap Kisung Lee, Ling Liu, Karsten Schwan, Calton Pu, Qi Zhang, Yang Zhou, Emre Yigitoglu, Pingpeng Yuan
Papers Algorithms, Scientific Computing, Analytics, Tensor Computation An Input-Adaptive and In-Place Approach to Dense Tensor Times Matrix Multiply Jiajia Li, Casey Battaglino, Ioakeim Perros, Jimeng Sun, Richard Vuduc
Papers Performance, Graphs, Data-Intensive Computing, Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, and Benchmarks GraphBIG: Understanding Graph Computing in the Context of Industrial Solutions Lifeng Nai, Yinglong Xia, Ilie G. Tanase, Hyesoon Kim, Ching-Yung Lin